Boris Neveu

Boris Neveu Hiko Team Rider

DOB: 12th April, 1986
Natural habitat: Canoe Slalom (K1) 
Nationality: FRA
Career Highlights:
+ World (2014) and European (2015) Champion 
Where and when did you start paddling?
 "I started to paddle at 5 during holidays with family."
What is your favorite course? 
"Bourg St Maurice and Bratislava."
Who did you look up to growing up?
"Benoît Peschier and Julien Billaut."
What was your best experience in kayaking? 
"Win the World title with 2 other French and down the Zambezi river."
What is the best and worst part of training? 
"Best is paddling in big white water and worst is gym and stretching!"
Do you think Boater Cross should be at the Olympics? 
"Yes maybe, but in addition to the slalom. Not to replace slalom."
What do you like to do when you are not in a kayak?
"Have time with family and friends."
What are your goals and plans for the future? 
"Goal is to win the Olympics, and for after my career maybe coaching."
Who has influenced you the most in kayaking? 
"Tony Estanguet."
Who is the best kayaker in the world?  
"To hard to give you and answer...."

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