RAMBLE Outer Shell Jacket

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+ Father-light breathable material

+ Constructed for wide range of motion

+ Adjustable waist with sticky coating

3D adjustable hood

+ Off-centered zipper with integrated face mask

+ Reflective safety stripes on the sleeves

RAMBLE is the perfect outer shell for rainy, windy and cold conditions when you need to remain active. 

It is carefully constructed to allow free range of motion when paddling. Feather-light material is waterproof and breathable maximizing protection and comfort at the same time.

The hood is designed to fit comfortably around your face and is equipped with 3D adjustment system (horizontal, vertical and around the face). The chin area of the hood is constructed from neoprene with vents for comfortable breathing.

Long off-centered zipper with taping is positioned to avoid the sensitive chin area. The zipper allows high closure all the way to your nose or unzipped allows ventilation during increased activity.

Double wrist cuffs are made out of extremely flexible neoprene with smooth inner surface for better water-tightness. The cuffs can be tightened using nylon adjustable cover. Two-way adjustable waist thanks to circular rubber cord in a tunnel. Large zipper pocket on the front panel.

Sea-kayaking / Sailing / Touring