Jackpot's Slim Shift Upgrade



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Jackpot's Slim Shift Upgrade

Jackpot's Slim Shift is a modification of the current racing PFD – Jackpot. The front chest panel with original thickness of 22mm has been replaced with foam only 7mm thin. The profile of the vest therefore has been significantly reduced giving the racer room for even tighter gate clearance.

Season is almost here (or should have been) and we are coming up with a new version of Jackpot. Slalom paddlers around the world are right to ask questions:

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

The answer is – “We are telling you as soon as we possibly can.” We are truly sorry but this was not long terms plan, more a reaction really. 

Four years ago when the whole concept of foam moving from the torso of the kayaker to the front of of sprayskirts we had our doubts about safety. After doing many swim tests we persuaded ourselves that it is save enough to pursue. That was the time we came up with the Jackpot concept to offer you a solution for what the trend was asking. 

Although slalom has more serious concerns these days, those of you who are watching the gear situation carefully know that the “trend” came up with an innovation. This time we no doubts that the safety of a paddler has been put in jeopardy. Having no shoulder straps for which safety can drag paddler out of water is in our opinion a design flaw. We will not support this trend. 

We did want to offer a fair chance to compete to all our supporters and fans of Jackpot. With strong deja vu feeling we sat down and measured, drafted, shifted foam, measured again, shifted again and so on. It was not until last week the new version was successfully approved by ISO authorities as a modification of the current Jackpot. 

The new Jackpot lost majority of the foam in the front panel. From original 22mm the foam was reduced to only 7mm. Hiko riders who tested the new Jackpot say that it is the optimum combination of torso reinforcement and low profile. Additionally the body of the jacket holds down all excess fabric of your jacket helping you to be more streamlined. The rest of the construction remains the same so you can enjoy tight and save paddling. 

To find out more about the new Jackpot click here.

To find out how to Upgrade your current Jackpot to new version click here

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