About Us

Since day one we dedicated ourselves to making the best paddling gear possible. Rooted in canoe slalom the primary was lightweight kayaking cags and jackets. Designed for mobility and reliability when it matters Hiko paddling gear is the best in class.

Constantly searching for new technologies we never settle for the status quo. Make it lighter. More durable. More breathable. More safe. More comfortable. With these goals always on our mind we travel the world learning about new technologies and working with amazing people to develop the next best solution.

From Dry bags, PFDs, Dry Suits, to neoprene socks booties and gloves - what we needed we learnt to make the best version of it.

Our life and passion spins around paddling - so is our brand and people around us. It really is you - the people we meet doing this that drives us to do things better every day.