Relax. We got you.

We take pride in the craftsmanship of our product.

Mistakes happen from time to time, however. If we messed up, let us know and we will fix it.

Warranty & Repairs

There is 2 year warranty on all our product from the day of purchase. Treat the product nicely and it will last you longer. The warranty does not apply if a product that shows signs of being mistreated.

Please, DO NOT:

+ use it as cushion for sitting, laying, anything...

+ leave in a car during a hot day (membranes will delaminate)

+ put is a washing washing machine, dryer, or a dishwasher (that is not the way to clean it)

+ use detergents and other chemicals

+ use as a toy for your pet


Please, DO:

+ dry in a shade and store dry

+ Hang dry suits and PFD freely, without folding

+ Wash all Dry Gear and Wet Gear with fresh water. Use soap and brush if necessary.

+ Check all straps and buckles on your PFD before every use

+ Make sure the zipper on your dry suit is fully closed - have a friend check it.

+ Paddle with no ego! Our product provides safety. It does not make you immortal. 


We will review each claim separately. Eligible claims qualify for full refund / exchange.

Send your claim to


Please be sure to include:

+ copy of your receipt

+ photo of the defect



We are excited to partner with Piece of Mind Fabrications for repair services in the U.S.

Whether under warranty or not our goal is to put your gear back in water fully functional. Yann at Piece of Mind is a true craftsman now equipped with our factory materials and parts to extend the your gear's life to maximum.


Thank you for being Hiko customer!