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The global fight against COVID 19 seriously impacted Hiko operations as well. Due to quarantine policies and isolations measures in pretty much all Europe rafting companies and specialized equipment stores were forced to close. Our family business has been cut off from key customers who were forced to cancel all their orders. Together with many other factories we stand in front of a big challenge – to secure work for our people in times when paddling gear is on a bottom of a shopping list. It was early March when Natalie brought the idea to produce face masks to her...

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        Jackpot's Slim Shift Upgrade Jackpot's Slim Shift is a modification of the current racing PFD – Jackpot. The front chest panel with original thickness of 22mm has been replaced with foam only 7mm thin. The profile of the vest therefore has been significantly reduced giving the racer room for even tighter gate clearance. Season is almost here (or should have been) and we are coming up with a new version of Jackpot. Slalom paddlers around the world are right to ask questions: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” The answer is – “We are telling you...

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