We take pride in the craftsmanship of our product. Mistakes happen from time to time, however. If we messed up, let us know and we will fix it.

There is 2 year warranty on all our product from the day of purchase. Treat the product nicely and it will last you longer. The warranty does not apply if a product that shows signs of being mistreated.

Please, DO NOT:

+ use it as cushion for sitting, laying, anything...

+ leave in a car during a hot day (membranes will delaminate)

+ put is a washing washing machine, dryer, or a dishwasher (that is not the way to clean it)

+ use detergents and other chemicals

+ use as a toy for your pet


Please, DO:

+ dry in a shade and store dry

+ Hang dry suits and PFD freely, without folding

+ Wash all Dry Gear and Wet Gear with fresh water. Use soap and brush if necessary.

+ Check all straps and buckles on your PFD before every use

+ Make sure the zipper on your dry suit is fully closed - have a friend check it.

+ Paddle with no ego! Our product provides safety. It does not make you immortal. 

We will review each claim separately. Eligible claims qualify for full refund / exchange. Send your claim to warranty@inwaterwelive.com

Please be sure to include:

+ copy of your receipt

+ photo of the defect

Thank you for being Hiko customer!