David Sodomka

David Sodomka Hiko Team Rider

Natural habitat: Extreme White Water (K1) 
Nationality: CZE
Turkey, Nepal, India,  Pakistan,
Georgia, Ecuador, Costa Rica
Peru, South Africa, Zimbabwe,
Norway, USA. 
Do you think you would still be whitewater photographer if you weren’t a kayaker? 
"It’ s impossible. The best necrophil is always the gravedigger."
It’’s a hustle to take a beautiful picture from the river. Do you remember which photo took you the most effort? 
"When I take a beautiful picture I will let you know."
Are you ever limited by taking photos on the river. I mean that you don’t enjoy the section of the river that much. 
"Your question doesn’t make any sense but fortunately I know what you wanted to say. My joy from taking a good photo multiplies. I am happy + Honza is happy + Hiko is happy + Kayak Session is happy. Multiple joy equals 800 euros."
Why you don’t want to take girls to expeditions? 
"You would make an exception once and you don’t even realize and here you are sitting in a bus full of women going to Makarska to do pilates. (I am not sure what pilates but I know that it’s something women do.)"

What type of rivers you like the most? 
"I am waiting to get a personal provocative question but you are still asking these boring questions about paddling."
This Summer you spent a month with our team rider Ondrej Tunka in the US. How do slalom athletes paddle on whitewater? 
"I have no idea how they paddle but I am sure they suck in the most important thing - partying. However Tuna is not completely desperate. Although he doesn’t fancy beer much, bottle of a good rum lits up his eyes."
Is there any unestimated destination that will enjoy a paddling boom soon? 
"North Corea."