Honza Choutka

DOB: June 25th, 1995
Natural habitat: Extreme White Water (C1) / Extreme Racing / C1 Freestyle
Nationality: Czech
Career Highlights:
+ 1st place Czech National Championships in Freestyle 2014
+ 1st place Krakonosovo Labicko 2013
+ 3rd place Trnava Race 2014 (K1)
+ 2nd place Devils Extreme Race 2012
+5th place European Championships in Freestyle 2012
Where and when did you start paddling? 
"I started in 2006 in my hometown Hradec Kralove."
Why are you doing this sport? 
" I love it. Adrenaline on the river and sharing the feelings with good friends – priceless."
What is your favorite spot to paddle?
"There are many. I like Oetz, Untertalbach, Lipno. Playspot - Plattling"
What was your best experience on water: 
" Every time I run a river for the first time or learn a new trick."
What are your goals and plans for future?
" I want to be that guy, who is chasing the world of kayaking in canoe :-) Paddling as much as I can. Explore new places. Get better. Be fast."
What do you like to do when you are not in a kayak?
" Gym, running, ski. I like learning new things."
Web/contact:  FB / Jan Choutka