Jessica Fox

Hiko Team Rider Jessica Fox

DOB: June 11th, 1994
Natural habitat: Canoe slalom (K1, C1)
Nationality: AUS
Career Highlights:
+ 7x World Champion
+3th place Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016
+2th place Olympic Games London 2012

Where and when did you start paddling?
"My first memories in a kayak are when I was pretty young in the Marseille Mazargues Club in France where my Papi was the founder and president and where my mum trained. I did a few training camps in the summers with the club to L’Argentierre la Baissee when I was around 10. I started to paddle more regularly when I was 12 in Penrith on the whitewater course there."
Both your parents were successful paddlers. Was it a motivation or did it just put more pressure on you? Or was it both?
"It was hard to begin because there was certain expectation being the daughter of two champions! So I think this was why I didn’t really want to paddle to begin with, but once I got on the whitewater I really loved it, and then I started competitions and loved it even more! At my first junior World Championships in Foix in 2010 I felt the pressure a bit more but I wanted to prove that I could be a different athlete and make a name for myself apart from my parents. I guess they didn’t do two events so that’s where I made my difference!"
What is your favorite course?
"London for artificial and Bourg St Maurice for a natural course."
What was your best experience in kayaking?
"I have great memories from my first junior trip where we had so much fun paddling and discovering European rivers and courses for the first time with friends, and then there have been so many special experiences around competition - the Olympic Games is probably the highlight."
What is the best and worse part of training?
"The best part is the fun technique whitewater sessions, playing and learning to do different moves and hard courses! And my least favourite part is Gym or those really hard lactic sessions… but the silver lining is how good you feel about yourself once you finish!"
Have you ever paddled any river in a creek boat? How was it?
"A few years ago now… I’ve paddled in Bourg St Maurice and La Pallaresa in Spain - I love long river runs that are not too big (or terrifying!), in those picturesque spots with stunning scenery.'
What do you like to do when you are not in a kayak?
"I tend to be busy out of the boat when I’m home with some media, sponsor commitments, work or study but for enjoyment, I like to go to the beach, or go hiking in the bush near my house - basically getting outside in our beautiful country!
When I’m home I love to brunch with friends in a good cafe,  And to switch off - I love cooking, a good book, Netflix or some painting (which I suck at but enjoy anyway!)"
Who has influenced you the most in kayaking?
"My family."
Do you like more canoe or kayak?
"It depends on the day!! I just got a new K1 so at the moment, kayak!"
Is it an advantage to compete in more disciplines?
"I think so - There’s an advantage because you get to do the course more times! But It is hard because there is more physical and mental fatigue around competitions, and because often there are not enough sessions in a race week to train both events equally or as well as if you only do one event. I learn so much by doing both K1 and C1 and really enjoy the variety in training."
Who is the best kayaker in the world?
"In the last seasons in the women I would say - one day it's Rici, one day it's me!
But our sport is so dynamic and there are many women who are capable to take the top spot!"
Who do you like to follow on IG the most and why?
"Joe Clarke because he has a cute dog.
CanoeSlalomFails because we all make mistakes and it’s good to laugh."