Lukas Rohan

Lukas Rohan Hiko Team Rider

DOB: May 30th, 1995
Natural habitat: Canoe Slalom (C1) 
Nationality: CZE
Career Highlights:
+3rd place European Championships teams Prague 2018
+5th place European Championships Prague 2018
+3rd place European Championships U23 Hohenlimburg 2017
+1st place Czech Championships 2016, 2017
+2nd place World Championships U23 Krakow  2016
+2nd place European Championships U23 Solkan 2016
+1st place World Championships U23 (C2 men) 2013
Where did you start?
"I started at the age of 9 at Troja slalom course in Prague. My first coach was my mum. I also paddled with Sasa Adamek and his son who was afraid of water as much as me so we formed good company :)"
Why do you paddle?  
"I grew up with the sport and spent all my free time near the river so I tried to paddle too. Despite the difficult beginnings, I kept paddling till today and I´m very happy that I insisted."
What is your most favourite race? 
"I love European Championships."
What was your best paddling experience?
"The feeling of happiness after finishing the final run and finding out that I/we have a medal. Also, every final run at Troja World Cup and lastly, going down the Kaituna gorges in creek boat."
What are your future goals and plans?
"Make the Czech senior Team for season 2019 and fight for the one spot for the OG 2020 in Tokyo."
What do you like to do when you are not in a canoe?
 "I like floorball, football, cross-country skiing, tennis, history and books."
Contact: Facebook, @lukas.rohan