Miquel Trave

Miquel Trave Hiko Team Rider

DOB: January 6th, 2000
Natural habitat: Canoe Slalom (K1 and C1)
Nationality: ESP
Career Highlights:
+2nd place World Championship C1 Teams 2019, La Seu
+1st place Junior World Championship C1 2018, Ivrea
+1st place Junior European Championship  C1 & K1 2018, Bratislava
(first time ever in a male category someone gets 2 golds in the same championship)
+2nd place Junior World Championship C1 2017, Bratislava
Who has influenced you the most in kayaking?
"Obviously my father because he got me into all of this. But as a paddler it was Tony Estanguet. He was always a gentleman and so smooth. I was always following him on his runs. And for sure to have Ander Elosegi in our team has been a huge difference, I improved a lot thanks to him."
Do you prefer C1 or K1?
"Not really, I like C1 a bit more but I can't say just one, I enjoy a lot of fun doing both of them. Maybe kayak is more aggressive and C1 more smooth. But really, I love both.  I need to do K1 to have different feelings, even if I just race in C1. It relaxes my mind. "
What is the best and worst part of training?
"The best part is when you can feel the water and you can do a good course, being fast and feel that you are not tired at all, that's a really awesome feeling. And obviously being with my teammates and after the training going with them to have a snack.
And the worst... When it's winter, is a cold day and it is a bit windy with some ice going down through the whitewater course. Even though we have the best clothes, the hard cold on our hands and face is the worst. But it makes the hot shower after the session the best part of the day
What is your favorite course?
"Nothing better than Pau 2017, not Pau 2020 in my opinion. Actually there are too many good ones - Bratislava, Ivrea, Prague, Tacen, La Seu. But if I have to choose just one it would be Bratislava."
How has the training looked like in corona times? 
"Hard to handle the emotions, still keeping in the shape, but I'm not used to do that much gym, so hopefully we are back soon into the water and we can smash it again soon!"
Who is the best paddler in the world?
"In all of history I can't choose between Estanguet, Martikan and Kauzer (don't compare them, just enjoy them) And now... Jess Fox for girls and Kauzer for boys (not an easy decision)"
What are your future goals and plans?
"In my personal life the goal is to finish my university career. As an athlete it is going to Olympics and enjoy paddling as much as I've done since I started with this sport."
Who do you like to follow on IG and why?
"I like to follow my friends and people who I know, also pages about canoeing and about football."
How is canoe slalom in Spain compared to other countries? 
"I think in Spain nobody values this sport as it should be valued. In Spain people just look at Football, Basketball and Tennis. Kayaking (sprint and Slalom) is the sport with more Olympic medals ever in Spain, but is so difficult to find sponsors or someone who wants to help just a bit to our sport. I think that slalom is more known in other European countries than in Spain."
What do you like to do when you are not in a kayak?
"I love to play football with friends, I use to play PS4 too, and running in the forest next to my house."
Contact: @miquel.trave