Paja Zasterova

Paja Zasterova
DOB: February 12th, 1996
Natural habitat: Extreme White Water (K1) 
Nationality: CZE
Career Highlights:
+2nd place Extreme Kayak European Cup 2018
+1st place Ekstrem Sport Veko, Norway 2017
+ Overall winner Extreme Kayak European Cup 2016
+ 4th place Adidas Sickline World Championship, Austria 2016
2X Czech champion
3X King of the Alps champion
2X Devils Extreme Race champion
Where and when did you start paddling? 
"I started on Otava River in my hometown Písek as 6 years old child. First race was in Sušice, town where Galasport brand is from. I remember I finished 2nd so that day I decided I have to train harder not to be 2nd anymore."
Why are you doing this sport? 
"Beacuse I had no choice as I am from family of kayakers. Kayaking wild rivers is making me stronger and free but it´s also showing me how little people are against the nature and water element."
What is your favorite spot to paddle?
"There are so many great rivers and it´s hard to choose just one. I really like Dagali in Norway, Futa in Chille or Devils Streams on Vltava River in Czech Republic."
What was your best experience on water: 
"For sure kayak trip on Rio Maranon in Peru 2016. We run 570 km in 9 days in only three people. We did lots of paddling over long flats or big water class V rapids. It was hard trip but awesome in the same way. This 9 days on river learnt me a lot and I don´t mean only kayaking."
Who has incluenced you the most in kayaking?
"In the biginning it was my father who teached me everything and later all my slalom coaches. When I started extreme kayaking it was
my boyfriend Mira Kodada ☺."
What was it like to get back into kayaking after your sun was born?
"It wasn´t so easy as I expected because four months after baby was born I broke my back on the kayak race. But luckily it´s all over (knock knock knock) and I could start again, better and little bit more slowly. What doesn´t kill you makes you stronger."
What are your goals and plans for the future?
"My target is to keep enjoying every second on the river!"
What do you like to do when you are not in a kayak?
"Most of time I spend on rivers, in rivers or around rivers. But if there is still some time I love to go hiking or skiing to mountains or just chillin with my family and friends."
Who do you like to follow on Instagram? 
"Of course Hiko IG! Beacuse there are the most beautiful paddlers ;-)"
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